If you’re on the fence about eloping, here are some of the top reasons couples choose to do so. Eloping can look different for every couple, that’s the beauty of it! You get to choose exactly what your day will be filled with and get to spend it intentionally with your partner.

Here are the top 5 reasons couples choose to elope:

Reason 1: Less Pressure

Your opinions are the only ones that matter. Eloping gives you the freedom to include any traditions and activities that are unique to you without worrying about what anyone else will think.
Eloping also allows you to speak your heart during the vow exchange without an audience. You don’t have to worry about how you’ll sound, or if you’ll be judged about what you say. It’s just you and your person exchanging vows to start the rest of your life together!

Reason 2: More Freedom

You don’t have to worry about a tight timeline or gathering everyone for extended family photos. You have the freedom to enjoy your day at your own pace and include any elements you want.

You also have the freedom to choose if it’s just the two of you all day or if you would like to include a few family members/friends. You could spend the day adventuring and exchanging vows with your partner, then meet up with friends and family for an evening celebration. It’s completely up to you!

Reason 3: Unique Experience

Your elopement day is completely unique to you! There are so many different things you can include to make it unique. From hiking, off-roading, snow-shoeing, bike riding, picnicking, backpacking, etc. Anything you can think of that you enjoy doing together, you can include it in your elopement day! This is also the perfect time to try something new together. Maybe a sea plane ride, taking a hot air balloon up to see the sunrise, or anything else you’ve been wanting to do together!

Reason 4: Flexible Budget

You can make an elopement day happen on any budget! Prioritize what’s important to you for your big day and build from there. Hiring a photographer to capture all of the special moments is a great place to start! Then you can start thinking about location, lodging, wedding day attire, hair, make-up, flowers, and any other details or activities. All of these things can be done minimally or lavishly. It’s completely up to you and your preferences.

Reason 5: Epic Locations

Choosing to keep your ceremony between just the two of you, or with minimal guests, allows for epic locations! Fewer people means easier access to those more exclusive spots! You can hike to amazing views, walk along endless beaches, 4×4 to a remote location, or even take a sea plane to the San Juan Islands (an absolute dream of mine)! The possibilities here are endless and up to you to decide. There are also plenty of amazing locations to choose from that are easily accessible. Whatever you are envisioning, you can make it happen!

Those are the top five reasons, among many others, that couples choose to create an intentional elopement day! I hope this helped you envision what you could make of your big day with your partner by your side.

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